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Feel-Good Animation

Full Service Production in London

Whether your goal is to increase sales, raise brand awareness, or make a complex story simple, animation could be the perfect answer.

Picturesmith is an award-winning, full-service production company specialising in tactile animation – stop motion, puppeteering and 2D.

From the first script to the final frame, we’re focused on bringing your story to your audience through simply told, beautifully crafted animation.

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Making stories for organisations around the world

The Picturesmith team were everything you could want from a creative partner; smart, collaborative, proactive and, above all, just fantastic at their craft. They went above and beyond to bring ambitious ideas to life – and, whatever challenges we faced (whether clients, physics or budget), they always proactively tabled great solutions. I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with them again.

Nick DuxburyCreative Director, Redwood | BBDO

Working with Picturesmith is always a pleasure - we’ve made some of our best work together and the professionalism and creativity of the team is phenomenal.

Tim PartridgeCo-Founder & Creative Director, Flying Object

I've never seen such attention to detail on a film shoot. Watching Picturesmith on the set is akin to watching artists in the studio. It's mesmerizing stuff.

Sean DailySenior Director, Brand Studio, Quizlet

As always, it was a true collaboration from start to finish, the enthusiasm, talent and execution was impeccable. The outcome was stunning.

Ross SterlingCreative Director, Studio Juice

We knew our ask to Picturesmith was challenging. Thankfully they added the magic needed to make our ideas come to life.

Jim SmithCreative Director, Mellor&Smith

Applause. Applause. Applause. I couldn’t have asked for a better result or a better process. My client feels the same way and they are buzzing with big smiles about the final product. Picturesmith brings a certain smart and true aesthetic in the creative work they do while adding special progressive touches.

Paul LongPaul Long Productions, LLC