We worked with FCB Inferno and Sport England to bring sports equipment to life.

Using live action we had our puppets sing to their distracted owners to be played with.

This campaign got ‘Ad of the Day’ on Ad of Brands.


Sport England wanted to encourage people to get active after the pandemic through their campaign – Join the Movement. The target audience were millennials who had dropped the ball with their fitness.

The art direction called for domestic locations where things are put down and forgotten about. These familiar scenes were juxtaposed with melancholy singing puppets. The contrast worked to create a surprising, engaging and ultimately fun campaign.


Creative development took six weeks starting with selecting the sports that we wanted to champion. The hand puppets were constructed using actual sports equipment. A key consideration was finding the personality in the objects.

The shoot took place over two days in a London terrace house, with 17 cast and crew. Post production took two weeks to edit, rotoscope and grade the eight films.

View the full series here

Basketball Basketball 2
iPhone preview


  • 8 x 15″ social media ads

Aspect ratios: 16:9, 4:5, 9:16 and 1:1


Client: Sport England
Agency: FCB Inferno
Agency Producer: Rachael Clarke
Creatives: Alice Teruzzi, Francesca Ferracini
Director: Picturesmith
Producer/1st AD: Joseph Simmons
DOP: Peter Ellmore
1st AC: Oliver Dahmen
2nd AC: Sam Taylor
Music Company: Room1025
Music Supervisor: Richard Aardenburg, Mattia Del Conte
Puppeteer: Hugh Purves
Puppet Maker: Jimmy Grimes
Art Director: Ben Côté
Art Dept Assistant: Joe Kirton
Gaffer: Adam Bell
Spark: Tim Jordan
DIT: Ewan McFarlan
Runner: Almaz Rish
Models: Reece Richards, Bailey Lindsay, Alice Teruzzi, Francesca Ferracini
Post production: Picturesmith