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To celebrate this years World Environment Day we decided to make a stop motion project out of LEGO. Since we really like making work out of LEGO and we care about sustainability.

We have made a bunch of LEGO animations before. We have done fireworks, snowfall, and a game of ping pong. The LEGO bricks are safely secured in our studio and are organised by colour, we aren’t monsters. Seeing as we’ve been able to use our LEGO bricks again and again, it made sense to reuse our box of bricks into an animation for World Environment Day (WED).

United Nations has announced this years theme to be “Consume with care”.  When working on our script for the animation, we made sure to promote the key messages fo the WED theme. We also added a few elements of humour to this serious subject to make it more digestible by the viewer.

The production begun with the making of the script and a storyline to go with it. Our good friend, actor Jordan Long, kindly offered his voice. Which we think worked pretty well.

To make the stop-motion we had to organise the pieces and the composition itself. Funnily enough, getting the right bricks, in the right place, at the right time, needs a detailed set of instructions is a lot like a LEGO set. So our storyboard was essential to guide us through the animation – each frame could take anything from 5 minutes to an hour. There is no time to animate on the fly.

The project ended up consisting of 444 frames. We racked up about 50 hours of animating with LEGO, including one all-nighter to get this finished in time.

The animation made it to the UN Environmental Program video page which was great. We hope it will continue to inspire people to think a bit more carefully about how they look after our environment.