We worked with our friends at SCQuARE to create a 2D animation to promote their newly updated online planning tool – iSCQuARE.

The SCQuARE methodology helps you write a plan, but it’s more involved than simply filling out as a template as it guides your thinking. It was important to SCQuARE that this explainer video highlighted the differentiating features of their new product in a clear but interesting way.

To make sure the messaging was spot on we went through an iterative process with the client. We kept the character design simple in this 2D animation so as to not distract from the key themes. We also made sure the script was concise and clear – only using words that were necessary and added to the audience’s understanding. We used SCQuARE’s colours to ensure the branding was consistent with their other marketing content. We kept the visuals simple and professional, but also stylised to give the overall video a distinctive look.

Simplifying complex messages is something we do a lot of here at Picturesmith. To learn more, read our blog post on the subject.

Make sure to check out iSCQuARE if you are looking to make a plan!


Art Direction, Script and Animation: Picturesmith

Sound Design: Ana Roman