We teamed up with Villager Films to bring a pile of laundry to life through stop motion for Disney and Persil, as an homage to the famous waltz scene from Beauty And The Beast, before it gets sucked into a washing machine.

This was the largest animation we’ve made to date as the frame was around 4.5m x 2.5m to accommodate the clothes. The lights needed to illuminate this scene could have lit a small town.

The promotion was a success as the animation clocked up 5.9m views on Facebook!

Ebay testing costumes BTS

Art Direction

Everything was made out of cloth to tie in with the laundry theme. The background was a large white sheet on top of a dyed blue cloth. The set was about 5 x 3m, our largest set to-date which required a lot of lights and a large studio with high ceilings – thankfully our in-house studio was large enough to accommodate.

We experimented with kids clothes to make the set and animation more manageable, but after searching long and hard for suitable options we ended up opting for adult clothes.

A runner helped to source a selection of garments that were all on theme with the blue and yellow colour scheme that Beauty and the Beast is famous for, and importantly, machine-washable.

Lighting setup


Client: Disney and Persil

Production Company: Villager Films

Sound Design: Villager Films

Director of Photography: Peter Ellmore

Director: Picturesmith

Big Spin studio set up