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D&AD Festival – After Effects and Pixilation workshop

We were delighted to be asked to run a workshop at this year’s D&AD Festival!

Our team ran four sessions covering Adobe After Effects basics and pixilation.

Adobe After Effects

We use Adobe After Effects a lot in our work, and this was an opportunity to share some of our knowledge on this brilliant piece of software.

After Effects is a workhorse. It is used for 2D animation, motion design and visual effects, and we use all three in our work.

With a 45 minute workshop, the difficulty is knowing what not to teach.

All participants were using a top-spec Microsoft Surface to handle the graphics needed as we looked at some basic motion design, tracking footage and parenting artwork to it.


Pixilation, not to be confused with pixelation, is the art of animating with human subjects.

We often include hands in our animations and gave the workshop attendees an opportunity to try out pixilation for themselves.

Our team was assisted with the help of commercials Director of Photography Peter Ellmore.

Below is an edit of the animations that were made.