This is a true story about a chance encounter between two geologists, a fox, and the discovery of a large deposit of natural diamonds. This find started a community which has grown into the city of Mirny.

We teamed up with Eco-Age and Golden Goose to tell a story of a diamond discovery that led to a community being built in Siberia.

Our research was made easier by having a native Russian speaker on our team. They were able to help us find authentic documents and photographs of the women, camp and location.

Brand colours were used in the character’s clothing and set design to incorporate their branding into the paper craft animation.

The set was built using FSC paper and the characters were brought to life through 2D animation.

We collaborated with Kyle Bean to help with the set fabrication and Sam Bevington to design and animate the characters.

Sustainability is important to us here at Picturesmith. So in addition to using green energy we are also mindful of the materials we use. For this project we used cardboard paper tubes and toilet paper rolls to set up the stage. We also used LEGO bricks to block out the sequence of our shots.

Our art department designed and constructed the paper craft animation set using G.F Smith’s FSC approved paper. Each item was cut individually and put together by hand.

Paper looks beautiful in camera but it can be tricky to work with. Changes in temperature or moisture can affect the set. This can make it difficult to continue a shot overnight, but we had Kyle to make sure the set behaved itself.


Client: Natural Diamond Council
Agency: Eco-Age and Golden Goose
Directed and Produced: Picturesmith
Character design and 2D animation: Sam Bevington
Director of Photography: Peter Ellmore
Art Department: Kyle Bean, Yana Kasa, Elena De la Paz
Sound design and composer: Phonoteque

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