For a studio project we created this paper zoetrope of a fox walking in snowy woods.

The fox was initially animated using After Effects for a fun, cartoon-like movement.

This was then translated to paper. Each fox consisted of ten components, which all needed to be cut, glued and numbered.

The paper zoetrope was built using a 1m disc and dressed as a forest with 75 trees, a mountain, and a bunch of snow mounds.

Our fox needed to look as though it was walking through the woods. To create this illusion of parallax we had more trees than foxes, so that as the disc platform rotated the foxes and trees felt as though they were moving at different speeds.

With all of the assets laid out on the zoetrope the rest was relatively simple – sit back and wait for the moves to run.

The final film is a 30 second paper stop motion animation set to a laidback jazz track. Hope you enjoy it.