We were tasked with creating a 2D animation to communicate KPMG’s thought leadership on the direction of the medical devices industry.

We worked with the marketing team at KPMG to create a simple way of communicating these complex concepts. This is front of mind for a lot of the content we create. For other examples of this, read our blog post on the subject.

The focus for this KPMG medical devices project was on the anticipated direction of the industry by 2030. As such there was a lot of information to convey in a short video. We used KPMG branding colours throughout. This makes sure the animation is instantly associated with KPMG and is consistent with their other marketing material. We opted for clean designs to give the video a professional aesthetic and to make sure the animation aided understanding. The simplicity of the video also makes it timeless. As the content discusses the industry from now until the year 2030 it is important that KPMG can use this for some time to come.

The KPMG medical devices animation was well received and it has been used in the market to promote thought leadership to the industry.


Client: KPMG

Animation: Sam Bevington

Directed and Produced: Picturesmith