Camden Town Brewery reached out to us to promote their new beer glass: “The Kenneth”. This will be available in pubs across the country. Their research revealed that people pay particular attention to how their drinks are presented, and with this in mind, they set out to create a new glass inspired by design and beer.

The Kenneth is named after the legendary industrial designer Sir Kenneth Grange. Our goal was to create an ad that not only celebrated this new glass but also paid tribute to the man himself.

His designs include:

  • The London Black Cab
  • InterCity 125
  • Parker 25
  • Kodak Instamatic 33
  • Anglepoise 75 Lamp

To satisfy the brief we needed to come up with a story that would reflect both the Camden Town Brewery and the inspiration for the new glass. We decided the narrative should include key props to tie Sir Kenneth George’s designs to The Kenneth.

To communicate our vision we shared a storyboard with the client. This introduces The Kenneth with a drawing, being sketched out by hand with a Parker 25 – a clear link between the design and the designer who inspired it.

He is then referenced through playful animations of some of his other inventions – all the while keeping the pint in frame. The glass is the focus of the ad and so it was important that this remain the feature of the animation.

Working with beer can be tricky – partly because it can be tempting to taste test the props (!) – but also because the foam levels shrink from shot to shot. This makes it near impossible to keep the images looking consistent. We solved this in post production by editing the foam back into place. As well as compositing, we also colour graded the finished footage in-house.


Client: Camden Town Brewery 

Director of Photography: Peter Ellmore

Directed and Produced: Picturesmith

Sound: Fonic