Animation series showcasing AFEX’s global payment services.

We used whiteboard, paper cut/papercraft and digital line animation to bring this informative series to life.


The marketing team at AFEX came to us with the challenge of communicating their corporate history and the products and services they offer in a series of films for their homepage and YouTube channel.

All of this had to be done is a simple way that was easy to understand for their target audience who might not know anything about the organisation.


Working with the team at AFEX, we trimmed the messages down to bite-sized chunks to ensure the films don’t try to say too much – a common mistake with marketing communications, which can leave audiences confused.

With the key points agreed, we set about crafting the scripts.

A whiteboard background is commonly found in corporate environments. As it’s easy to wipe, it makes a fun surface to animate on, which is ideal for this scenario.

Orange and brown coloured paper add the AFEX brand identity. And hands remind the audience that we’re looking at a whiteboard, giving a human touch, we didn’t want the lines to appear as if by magic.

This mixed-media combination presents a professional look with a handmade feel.

To see all five films, visit our Vimeo Showcase.

Risk Management on screen


  • 5 x ~1′ explainers

Aspect ratio: 16:9


Client: AFEX

Directed and Produced: Picturesmith