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The insurance industry is complex and ever-changing. There are different types of insurance and each has its own unique characteristics, but broadly the industry is:

Highly Regulated

Insurance providers need to comply with a host of laws and regulations, both at the federal and state level.


Given the high level of regulation and competition in the industry, one of the main strategies for competing for customers is through pricing and bundling different insurance offerings together.


The industry is complex primarily because policies can be confusing and often come with a plethora of terms and conditions. These can be difficult to grasp and easily compare. 

Constantly Changing

New categories of insurance are always being created as landscapes shift and needs develop. The rules regulating the industry are also always changing and it can be challenging to keep abreast of these modifications. 

The complex and ever-changing nature of insurance makes animation a particularly useful tool for communicating this complicated information, simply.

Case Study

We worked with KPMG on their Disruptive Forces in Insurance. We created seven animations to present their thought leadership in digestible, short stories.

KPMG opted for animation so they could use striking visuals to accompany the voiceover, providing a visual aid to help communicate the complicated subject matter. We used bold graphics in their brand colours to ensure the look and feel was consistent with their guidelines.

The animations were well received with the main callout being that we were able to make something quite serious, fun and engaging.

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